San Alfonso Del Mar Resort

WRU-WRU (WowRareUnique – Where R U)

In the world’s most largest WRU swimming pool…

There are many memorable swimming pools in the world but I can almost guarantee you that none competes with the world’s most largest outdoor swimming pool in Chile. San Alfonso del Mar Resort is a crazy big man-made pool along the coastline. It’s larger than 20 Olympic size pools. The creators of the pool are Crystal Lagoons. Not only did they make the pool long but they also made it deep, with its deepest end being 115 feet. Wowzers!

The pool sucks water directly from the sea using a computer controlled suction and filtration system. This pool will definitely take your breath away. Make sure to pack those cameras to capture some pics and videos cause this is one for the books. We absolutely love it here at WRU-WRU. It definitely gets our WRU stamp of approval!

*Video Credit: San Alfonso Del Mar Resort Videographer


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