The Rock Zanzibar

WRU-WRU (WowRareUnique – Where R U)

At a secluded WRU waterfront restaurant, taking in Panasonic views while dining.

Worthy of every travel bucket list, Zanzibar’s The Rock is a sight to behold. Take a short boat ride to this floating spot for an intimate dinner with panoramic views. A true testament to the genius of Mother Nature.

The Southeastern coastline of Zanzibar is recognised as amongst the most beautiful in all the world. Here you’ll find 3 gems: The Rock of Zanzibar and its associated Kichanga Lodge and Dongwe Ocean View.

According to their website, It takes just one look to understand that no pencil nor brush could draw such beauty – only Mother Nature could have reach such heights. They simply added the love for cooking, courtesy, professional skills and the joy to share all of this splendour with the guest. The Rock restaurant rises a short distant from the shore of the beautiful Michanwi Pingwe beach. Eating at The Rock is an experience you can’t miss: colours, relish and sensations.

We just love it and it definitely gets our WRU stamp of approval!


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