KC Resort and Overwater Villas

WRU-WRU (WowRareUnique – Where R U)

Taking in an unique view underneath a villa bed…

KC Resort and Overwater Villas in Koh Samui, Thailand is the WRU great escape you are in need of. The chic resort draws in tourists from across the globe. Located in the Chaweng powdery white sand beachfront and aquamarine waters. In the unique villas, lies a pool underneath your hotel bed allowing guests to swim underneath. Guests experience a private infinity pool that has a glass window next to your bed, in the floor of your villa. Peekaboo! Guess who?!

We just love the WRU brought to guests in the Overwater Villas. This definitely gets our WRU stamp of approval!


*Video Credit: @insidertravel



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